The modern Audi engines are just awesome. They might come in small displacement but with the help of technology, they all make big power. Also, Audi engines are known for being very reliable. They just need to be taken care of. Here is the thing, despite the exciting technology, increases in engine efficiency, and improved engine oil and filter lifespans, eventually you will need to bring your vehicle in for an Audi oil change. Here at Select German Car Service, we only use manufacturer recommended fully synthetic engine oil to keep your engine in the best condition.

Do you know when to bring your vehicle in for an Audi oil change and other services? Intervals and indicators that are designed to help you ensure your vehicle is kept well-maintained:

The Audi “Service Due” Indicator Light — The ‘service due’ indicator located on your Audi dashboard signifies that your vehicle is in need of a check-up.

In general, most Audi’s will be due for general service every 10,000 miles or, with increased use, one year following your last maintenance check. Your ‘service due’ indicator light is timed to the mileage checkpoint and is not like a ‘check engine’ light that registers an issue. This indicator appears as a wrench-like symbol and serves as a simple friendly reminder that your vehicle has hit that internal mileage counter and to head to your nearest Audi mechanic. Once adequate service has been performed, your service technician will reset the indicator light.

The Audi “Oil Minimum” Oil Change Indicator Light — The Audi does not have a specific Audi oil change light but it does have what is known as an oil minimum light. This dashboard indicator light appears as an oil can with a single drop of liquid at its spot. Most Audi models will additionally have the letters “MIN” displayed with the can. When you see this light first appears, it does not necessarily mean you are in need of an immediate Audi oil change. That’s because this indicator illuminates when a vehicle is running a bit low but not dangerously low. Most drivers will find they can run several hundred to a couple thousand miles before needing to schedule an Audi oil change. If you do so, however, it’s recommended to check your oil when you first see the light and top off as needed before continuing on.

Oil change service is also a great opportunity for the owner. When we are performing the oil change, we always make a basic inspection to see if there is any other necessary service needed for the car. This inspection lets us know the general condition of the vehicle. Missing necessary repairs may cause bigger issues.